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The Do Delta is a young evolving territory for the effect of sediment transported from the river po, that create at its mouth one of the most suggestive delta in europe. the actions of wind and tides contributes to the formations of sandy "scanni", lagoon, "golene", valleys, "barene", "gotoli", till form really beaches, amoung with Rosolina Mare, a pearl of Adriatic Sea, where the sea, the extanded beaches and the luxuriant pinewood forms a particular whole, perfect to spend relaxing holiday in buildings of villa that are built in harmony with the environment.on that lagoon's areas flourish particulary floral variety, like "salicornia", "calcatreppola", "tamerici", "gramigna", "soldanella", "sparto", "asparago pungente", ninfee, iris, "eringo" and some native orchids. the beaches are surrounded by large green areas rich in maritime and domestic pine, "leccio", juniper, "olivello", willows, "pioppi" and a bushy underwood composed of honeysuckle, "pungitopo", etc.
In that unique habitat are hosted more than four-hundred bird species including the pink flamingo, different types od heron and gull, “svasso”, cormorants, “cavaliere d’italia”, the “volpoca” and many others. in such a water-rich environment they are home to many species of fish such as mullet, eel, rumble fish, sea bass, “passere”, as well as crustaceans and molluscs amoung which clams, clams, oysters while in fresh water canals thrive carp, tench, catfish, pike, etc., this is why fish farming and fishing, and professional sports, are widely developed and advanced. moreover, the establishment of the po delta regional park has favored the protection and enhancement of landscape, enriching the tourist offer both seaside that nature. the topography of the area lends itself to leisurely horseback riding, biking, hiking, boating. along the riverside roads through small villages it is easy to find restaurants and taverns named “osterie” where you can taste the rich cuisine based on local products related to seasonality, such as melon, radish, carrot, white onion, pumpkin, sweet potatoes , garlic, delta’s rice, meats, and of course the fish: raw, marinated, grilled, fried and "tocio" that is stewed with polenta nostrana
The Delta is not only nature but also history and culture, are an example of the etruscan remains in the national museum of adria, the town that gave its name to the Adriatic Sea, other findings are visible in ariano nel polesine, corbola, porto viro, fratta polesine to get up to loreo, ancient and important venetian outpost where the streets are still named "calli", the name used only in venice and chioggia. this town is an active and recognized by the catholic church the "brotherhood of the holy trinity of loreo", which each year celebrates its mysterious rituals and secrets with the procession of the hooded, the very night of the holy trinity. .

Words cannot describe the feelings and emotions you feel by visiting the po delta, simple and immense ground, suspended in the “verde-azzurro”, between sky and water